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18 Karat gold is the most widely used gold alloy for jewelry in the United States. If you own 18 karat gold jewelry and you look for a reliable gold buyer who pays peak prices, then you make the right choice if you sell your 18 karat gold with us. reDollar is specialized in purchasing gold jewelry of any kind. We buy high luxury jewelry as well as scrap gold which is old or even damaged. The age and condition does not affect our willingness to buy your precious 18 karat gold. Rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, charms, watches, fine jewelry, modern jewelry or even scrap jewelry made of 18k gold can be easily sold with our company.

reDollar offers very high purchase prices for your 18 karat gold items, that’s guaranteed. As a customer, you also benefit from our reliable and transparent way of handling the delicate business of buying gold. Our experts use the most modern technical equipment and methods to evaluate your 18k gold items. Beside the classic way of testing gold by using a gold testing acid, we also use a XRF gold testing instrument. This extremely accurate way of testing your 18 karat gold items, allows us to pay you the highest prices. Furthermore we are an online based company with small structures what gives us the possibility to handle all processes very fast and customer friendly.

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reDollar experts appraising 18k gold jewelry

Our highly skilled and experienced jewelry and gold experts treat your 18k gold with the most respect and great care. 18k gold belongs to the finest gold alloys for jewelry and is therefore mostly used in high-quality jewelry. Sell 18k gold with a buyer who respects your valuables. For us, your gold is not only a means to an end – we know and we are aware that jewelry is often strongly connected with emotions and sometimes it’s not easy for our customers to make the deal. We are discreet, honest, unobtrusive and we do our very best to provide you a serious and professional selling deal.

18k gold bracelet

18k gold bracelet

Metal: Gold
Purity: 18k
Sell for: $1,373.01

18k gold ring with Spinel

18k gold with green spinel

Metal: Gold
Purity: 18k
Sell for: $336.25

18k gold brooch with garnet

Antique 18k gold brooch with garnets

Metal: Gold
Purity: 18k
Sell for: $392.29

Cartier 18k gold “Love” ring

18 karat gold Love ring from Cartier

Metal: Gold
Purity: 18k
Sell for: $500.00

18k gold-marked but unsure about the fineness?

Most items which are marked as “18 karat gold” are gold items made of very high quality. 18 karat gold means that your piece of gold is made of 75% of pure gold. This is a very high fineness for gold jewelry. Some other countries like Saudi Arabia or India are well-known for their beautiful jewelry with even a higher fineness for jewelry up to 24 karat which equals pure gold. But here in the United States and also in Europe, 18 karat gold is very common and widely present for the manufacturing of jewelry. However, it can also happen that items marked as “18k gold” are not made of solid gold. Most of this faked items have their origin in South America and very often in countries such as Mexico or Venezuela. So beware of faked gold and better don´t buy or bring gold jewelry from foreign countries if you are unfamiliar with the determination of the value and with ascertaining the authenticity. But in general it can be said that faked gold is very uncommon because bringing gold items to the US means that this gold will be controlled by the tax officers at airports and boarders. This officers are highly trained to identify authentic gold and would immediately find out if there is anything wrong with your souvenirs. Please be always beware of dubious gold buyers. The most alarming sign for laypersons should be when somebody offers you gold below the current gold price. There is no comprehensible reason to do that, except for scamming you. If you should face such a situation, don’t make the deal. The possibility to get cheated is tremendously high.


Use the shipping kit to mail in your assets fully insured! No obligations apply! Claim your items back anytime! No hidden Fees! Instant payment: check, PayPal, money order, direct deposit & wire transfer.


Use the shipping label to mail in your assets fully insured! No obligations apply! Claim your items back anytime! No hidden Fees! Immediately payment: check, PayPal, money order, direct deposit & wire transfer.

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Sell marked or unmarked gold with us

Sell marked or unmarked jewelry with our company. We would never blame you for faked gold items that you possibly deliver to us. We make an accurate analysis of your gold and we provide you a detailed analysis report that includes all our results and facts relating to your gold jewelry. Our accredited jewelry experts and appraisers have the profound knowledge to perform a high class service for you. What are you waiting for? Sell 18k gold online with reDollar and make a great selling experience on highest level.

reDollar jewelry experts discussing 18k gold stamp

Sell 18 karat gold to the best buyer only

There are so many gold buyers offering very bad quotes. We have heard about competitors who just offered 10% of the true market value. Don´t act too hasty and check out the quotes before you finally sell. And remember: it´s not necessary to see a gold item to tell you the current purchase price of gold in gram or dwt. Just ask for the actual quote each pennyweight or each gram of 18k gold. You can also run a comparison in your town or city. Use our gold calculator to find out “how much is 18 karat gold worth”.

Current stock market price of 18k gold per gram $31.10
Current reDollar purchase price for 18k gold per gram $28.02
Current reDollar purchase price of 18k gold per dwt. $43.43

A truly reliable gold buyer should always publish his purchase prices and share it with you. Transparency is a major factor for making a great and satisfying selling deal.

Safe and secure shipping solutions with full insurance coverage paired with a highly professional, very polite team of experts makes your selling deal perfect.

Calculate the material value of 18k gold by yourself

reDollar calculator sheet with loupe, scale and 18k gold ringsTo determine and calculate the material value of 18k gold by yourself, you just need a digital scale and a loop. Find the markings on your jewelry and weigh your gold. When you know the weight and the purity of your gold then you can use our gold calculator to find out the approximate value of your gold. Our prices on the calculator are 90% of the real stock market value. This calculation method doesn’t apply to diamond jewelry, jewelry from famous brands or fine luxury jewelry but to determine the material value of scrap gold, this great gold calculator-tool gives you a first idea of how much money you should expect for your gold. You can also meet our appraisers to get a quick price estimation for your 18 karat gold. Even if you don’t sell your gold with us, it’s our pleasure to help you with the determination of value. It’s our goal to position our company as number one trustworthy and fair gold buyer on the internet, so for us it’s important to be also recognized as service partner. Service means enlightenment. We want to clear up with the bad image of gold buyers who damage our reputation, we are the good guys in the business that’s what we are standing for. reDollar has solutions for any kinds of transactions. Also for our very cautious customers we offer attractive payment options like money order which equals cash payments, PayPal, bank transfer or check. We have the financial power and the expertise to deal with high-end jewelry as well as rare gold coins or ingots. Give us a try and let’s make the deal together. From the very beginning, our well qualified employees accompany your sales process and will be there for all your needs. Sell your 18 karat gold items online to our company. Get started right now and get paid in less than 24 hours after our evaluation.

Sell 18K gold – various items accepted:

If you have serious intentions to sell fine jewelry or to sell expensive jewelry, reDollar is your professional and reliable buyer for this plans.

  • 18k gold fancy yellow diamond braceletSell scrap gold pieces made of 18k gold
  • Sell engagement jewelry made of 18k gold
  • Sell fine jewelry made of 18k gold
  • Sell wedding jewelry made of 18k gold
  • Sell wristwatches made of 18k gold
  • Sell jewelry from foreign countries
  • Sell vintage jewelry made of 18k gold
  • Sell antique jewelry made of 18k gold
  • Sell handmade jewelry made of 18k gold
  • Sell fashion jewelry made of 18k gold
  • Sell yellow gold, white gold and green gold
  • Sell men´s jewelry made of 18k gold
  • Sell scrap jewelry made of 18k gold
  • Sell damaged jewelry made of 18k gold
  • Sell broken jewelry made of 18k gold
  • Sell jewelry made of 18k gold with or without diamonds and gemstones
  • Fine jewelry brands we admire: Bvlgari, Tiffany & Co., Lalaounis, Cartier, Harry Winston, Roberto Coin, Van Cleef & Arpels, Piaget, Barry Kieselstein-Cord, Chopard, Mikimoto, Piaget, Graff, Buccellati, Georg Jensen or Barbara Anton and many other brands from the US, Europe or Asia.