You plan on liquidating coins? But where can you sell coins for a high price?

David from Omaha asked

Where do you sell coins?

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We estimate that every second US household owns coins made of gold, silver, platinum or palladium and lots of people think about selling because the value of many coins increased significantly. It’s time to cash out and do something else with the money is the widespread opinion. Many consumers are aware that getting paid proper for coins is a challenge and running into a bad deal can really happen. The question “Where do you sell coins?” is very common and we want to help you answering it. Basically, you have a couple of options to sell coins. – #1 Online Buyer

Actually, we believe that selling to our company is the most fruitful, fastest and easiest way to sell coins. Even selling very valuable coin collection is risk free thanks to UPS Parcel pro High Value Shipping Solutions insured up to $150,000. So many folks and even appraisers recommend our company as the best possible partner to sell coins and precious metals. Our prices are unbeatable and our service is outstanding.

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Where do you sell coins? More options to sell..

A good recommendation is very often priceless and folks feel left alone in making a decision when it comes to sell coins. A selling decision is tough and finding a reliable buyer even tougher. is doubtless the best way to sell coins but more selling options are available to the American people. Sometime, personal circumstances force people agreeing to a bad deal with a local pawn hop or gold buying operation because the money is needed instantly and a mail in program, even when done in less than 48 hours, can be too time consuming. Medical bills or other emergencies are often the reason why people sell gold too fast to the wrong buyers.

Local Pawn Shops & Gold Buyer

Local pawn shops and gold buyers buy coins but usually don’t pay a high price. Just recently an appraiser told us that it’s a common practice to get coins and gold for as little money as possible. He also added that most pawn shops and gold buyers he knows pay between 40% and 60% of gold’s real value.

Community Banks

We heard that some community banks buy gold coins for fair rates but the process takes long. They take your coins but send them for grading and proofing away what can lead to a month long handling time. It’s not very common that community banks buy gold so we recommend to speak with your banker to find out if they have a coin-buy-back-program available.

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Auction House

Auction houses appear to be a good way to sell coins. But the fees they often charge are very high and a good deal can turn out to be a bad one. Some auctioneers charge up to 35% in selling fees and other even charge you marketing fees up to $100 per item. If you don’t auction a coin worth an exceptional high amount, those fees eat up all your profits. Especially auctioning bullion coins and coins worth the current gold price or silver price is just like burning money.

Sell to Friends and Family

Selling coins to friends and family can turn out to be a great way to trade them. You can offer your coins for a very fair price to your friends or family and probably you do someone a big favor because the buyer can get it for a fair price. It’s really worth to consider that selling option.

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US Liberty gold coin UK Sovereign 1981 gold coin Krugerrand 2016 gold coin

Where do you sell gold coin? Still questions left?

Let us help yo getting the best deal for your gold coins. Send us a message and we are going to provide you the best possible selling-support.

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