Selling very rare coins can be challenging. Let’s see where you can sell rare coins for a high price!

Dale from Orlando asked

Where can I sell rare coins?

Alex, reDollar expert answered

Where can I sell rare coins? This question brought headache to many people owning coins and having selling plans. There are always doubts of getting paid proper for the coins you own and those doubts are justified because so many buyers pay too less money for rare coins. But what are your options if you either don’t know how much your rare coins are worth or you don’t have a reliable buyer-recommendation?

Sell to

Our company is named and one of the best buyers for rare coins in the United States. We don’t only promise to pay a high price for coins, we really do so. Plus, if you deal with us you’ll get a detailed report showing and explaining how we came to our offer for your rare coins. We list every single coin and we also share our gained knowledge with you. We never leave you unaware and we always give you enough time to consider our purchase offer and of course you are allowed to compare our offer with the competition – because we know that we provide you the highest possible payout amount for your rare coins.

Pros: get paid very fast and fair
Cons: no cons

Sell with an auction house

Auctioning can be an option to sell your rare coins because you reach lots of people and buyers. But there is a big drawback about auctions. THE FEES. Some auction houses charge you up to 35% in fees while other even charge you for marketing and photo costs. Moreover it can take a very long time until you receive the proceeds. Nevertheless, auctioning rare coins is better than selling to a pawn shop what we believe is the worst selling option.

Pros: you reach different buyers
Cons: high selling fess, wait up to 6 months to get paid

More about rare coins

Rare coins need special attention in contrast to bullion coins or circulated coins. A rare coin is very sensitive to handling and especially to testing practices. In the United States, acid testing is the number 1 performed way to test a coin’s authenticity. An acid test is also the cheapest way for  buyer but if performed, this way of testing can leave visible signs at your coins surface and this is what you don’t want. A tiny damage can have a significant impact on the coin’s value. employs coin specialists with tremendous knowledge and provides high-tech equipment for testing rare coins. With our XRF machine, determining a coins purity and compound is just one mouse-click and a 60 second testing-time. We also use a density measuring system to reveal counterfeited coins. Sell coins to our company and be sure that your coins get what they deserve – a high price and a proper handling.

rare gold coins made of gold and silver

What kind of rare coins are accepted for selling?

  • Gold Coins
  • Silver Coins
  • Platinum Coins
  • Palladium Coins
  • Roman Coins
  • Ancient Coins
  • British Coins
  • European Coins
  • Greek Coins
  • Chinese Coins
  • Byzantine Coins
  • Islamic Coins
  • Persian Coins
  • Venetian Coins
  • Mexican Coins
  • Canadian Coins
  • Coin Token “Notgeld”
  • Coins from South America
  • Coins from Spain
  • Coins from Egypt
  • Celtic Coins
  • Coins from all over the world

Ask a question about rare coins

We are here to help and to serve our customers with best possible advice. Don’t hesitate to ask our experts questions about rare coins even when you actually don’t have a plan to sell them.

    rare gold coin worth a fortuneRare Coin Worth 40K

    This rare coin – more than 600 years old – is worth more than $40,000. This coin was made in 1560 for Queen Elisabeth I and because of its rarity and condition highly collectible and most sought after collectors from all over the world

    Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Rare Coins

    A rare coin is a coin that is not commonly found in piggy bank, your wallet and not even in your jewelry box. Really rare coins are usually already known, labeled and well preserved in a coin holder , often along with a grading report or a certificate. It can of course happen that a really rare coin shows up in your grandpa’s coin collection but this is really, really rare. If you are the lucky owner of a really rare coin, check out our coin value guide and read our answers to most common questions.

    How do I sell my rare coins?

    You can sell your rare coins through a variety of different outlets. If you got a few months and if you are looking for high price, you may want to consider working with a numismatic auction house. The process is very time consuming and comes along with selling fees.  Another great way to sell coins is or The big advantage of selling rare coins to reDollar is that they are coin experts, no knowledge is needed, and you will get paid quickly. The advantage of eBay is the huge audience of buyers while high selling fees, shipping risks, and potential payment disputes may frustrate you. We would never recommend to sell rare coins on Craigslist, Facebook market place or Nextdoor.

    How do I find out what my rare coins are worth?

    We are living in times where knowledge is so conveniently accessible. Numerous online resources are offering quick ways to find out how much your rare coins may be worth. is providing a free coin evaluation that often can be done online. Browsing the coin knowledge would be a great start to get generally educated before you submit your coin for an appraisal. Other online resources, including eBay or MaShops are great ways to check the value of your rare coins. Coins are usually fairly easy to research as you can simply copy-paste what’s stated on your coin to Google for finding out more.

    How can I sell my rare US coins?

    Selling a rare US coin is usually much easier than selling a rare Asian coin. Most coin shops in the US have a good numismatic  knowledge about US coins. The best way to sell jewelry or coins is – 100% transparent with numismatic experts that will appraise your rare US coins. Another really good way to sell rare US coins are numismatic clubs near your. The American Numismatic Society is also providing an online resource center with a library catalog, a collection database, and ANS archive.

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