Coin Knowledge

One exciting fact about gold coins is that they often have a rich history and can tell fascinating stories why and for what purpose they have been minted. For example, some gold coins were used as currency during important periods, such as the California Gold Rush or the Roman Empire. Additionally, gold coins are often appreciated for their unique designs, which can feature artwork, leaders or historical events. The unique combination of history, artistry, and valuable precious metals are making gold coins an exciting topic.

What makes a coin valuable?

A coin’s value is based on different factors, such as rarity, condition, age or current collectors demand.  From all value-building facts, rarity is  the most important factor when appraising a coin’s value. The second highest price booster is a coin’s condition. For instance, the book value of an 1895-S Morgan Dollar silver coin is approximately $3,300 graded AU58 but $90,000+ graded MS66. Coins in better condition are always worth more than coins in worse condition.

Antique coins, silver coins, and a gold coin

The age of a coin is probably one of the most overrated price-factors. We receive numerous appraisal inquiries related to extremely old coins along with extremely high price expectations. We understand that the owner of a coin, who has no coin-collection experience, may assume that a 500+ year old silver coin from Europe is worth a lot of money. Unfortunately, that’s generally not the case. You can buy really nice silver coins from the middle ages, sometimes even graded ones, for less than 50 dollars.

Last but not least, the metal of a coin can really drive the price:

One ounce of gold is currently worth $2376.10, an ounce of palladium $1030.66, an ounce of platium $1055.19 but an ounce of silver is only $28.54 worth. Take this value-comparison into consideration when you research the value of a coin.

Finally, the provenience of a coin may significantly impact the value of a coin. Provenance is the documented history of a coin, a painting, a watch or other historically interesting artifacts. Provenance is important because it can help demonstrate authenticity and provide information about who owned or commissioned a certain coin in the past. A coin with a long and notable provenance can often be significantly more valuable than a coin without notable provenance. A coin with an appealing provenance (take George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Regan or Martin Luther King Jr. for instance) has greater appeal to potential buyers as it can provide a connection to the coin’s past owner.

Silver Coin from The 13th Century

This NGC graded silver coin from the 13th century is worth approximately only $70 although this coin is over 800 years old. Age is by far NOT the most important factor when it comes to appraise coins.

Extremely old Austrian silver coin from the 13th century

1879 CC Morgan Dollar Coin

This Morgan Dollar silver coin is worth approximately $700 and in comparison to the 13th century silver coin much younger but more valuable. The rarity is besides the condition the most important factor when it comes to price a coin. This Morgan Dollar silver coin is very rare but graded only as G06 what is the 6th lowest grade on the PCGS grading scale. Exactly the same coin would be worth approximately $15,000 if graded as MS64 what is the 6th highest on the grading scale. You can also sell your Morgan Dollar with our company. We offer a free appraisal and a no-obligation-to-sell guarantee.

PCGS graded, very rare 1879 CC Morgan Dollar silver coin

Sell US Gold Coins

Learn to sell US gold coins for a high price. Furthermore understanding how a coin evaluation works is a bid advantage. We transfer the knowledge needed in easy and understandable words.

Sell Gold Bullion

The first step to sell gold bullion is gaining knowledge about classifying gold bullion. Not everything what was made of 999 fine gold can be sold for the high price of gold bullion.

Sell Antique Coins

Antique coins can be treasure or trash. Most of the time, some general coin knowledge will be required for doing an appraisal at home. Learn what matters when you plan to sell antique coins.

Sell Coins

It’s a quick and easy process to sell coins. From gold over silver to palladium coins, most buyers will accept everything. But do your homework before you sell. You may leave money on the table.

Sell Silver Coins

We bet that almost every US household has a few silver coins sitting around. You may not even know about the silver hiding in your coins. Read our guidline before you sell silver coins.

Sell Gold Coins

Gold is a scarce and valuable metal and yes, gold coins are rare but not as rare as you may think. Gold was used for jewelry, dental gold and of course also for coins. Sell gold coins with our support.

Coin Buyer

What qualifies a coin buyer to be a great buyer? It’s simple: a very high price paid to you. We are known to pay the highest possible prices for coins. Read more about being a trustworthy coin buyer.

Sell Gold Ingots

A standard gold ingot weighs exactly 12.4 kilograms, which equals 400 troy ounces or 27.4 pounds. Most people own smaller bars but if you own a gold ingot, we are the buyer you are looking for.

Sell Gold Bars

Common gold bars weigh between 0.5 gram and 12.5 kilograms. If you plan to sell gold bars, knowing the bar’s weight is the first step to calculate the gold rate. Don’t sell without reading that.

Sell Palladium Coins

The palladium price is on a roller-coaster ride. Don’t sell palladium coins without doing a quick price research. We buy palladium bullion coins are rare palladium coins for exciting prices.

Sell Gold Ounce

If folks talk about ounces they usually speak about troy ounces. One troy ounce equals 31.1 grams and is worth $2257.30 if you sell today. Always check reDollar’s price before you sell off.

Sell Pure Silver

Pure silver is consider to be 99% pure. Many bars, rounds and coins are made of pure silver. Learn more about the value before you sell pure silver items you own.

Where To Sell Gold Coins

You may ask yourself where you can sell gold coins? There are many options available. We explain the most common ways to sell gold coins. It’s really wort to spend the time reading.

Sell Krugerrand Gold Coin

When it comes to sell Krugerrand gold coins, it’s important to consider the current gold price to ensure a satisfying price. reDollar is updating prices hourly.

Sell Maple Leafe Gold Coin

Maple Leaf gold coins, minted by the Royal Canadian Mint, are a trusted precious metal investment. We are the right partner when it comes to sell your Maple Leaf gold coins.

Sell Mexican Coins

Mexican gold and silver coins, such as the 50 Peso or the Libertad series, have been collected by investors for their historical significance, their designs, and high precious metal content. We are the right place when it comes to sell your Mexican coin to hedge your investment.

Sell Mexican Silver Coins

Mexican silver coins, particularly the one ounce Silver Libertad series, are appreciated investments for folks looking to add physical silver to store their wealth. reDollar is the right partner when it comes to sell this investment.

Sell Coin Collection

Coin collecting, also known as numismatics, is a popular hobby that involves acquiring, studying, and preserving coins for their historical, cultural, and monetary value. If you plan to sell a coin collection, reDollar will provide the required professionality and experience.

Sell Precious Metals

Precious metals are relatively rare in the earth’s crust. Mining them is a difficult and expensive process. The limited supply of precious metals makes them valuable and a great asset to sell.

Sell Buffalo Gold Coin

Buffalo gold coins are so called bullion coins and minted since 2006 by the United States Mint. They are also known as American Buffalo coins and made of pure gold. Buffalo gold coins are very valuable and easy to sell with reDollar.

Sell Sovereigns

Sovereign gold coins are minted by various countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada or South Africa. The name “sovereign” refers to the fact that the coins are minted by a sovereign nation. You can sell your Sovereign gold coins with us.

Sell 20 Francs Gold Coins

The 20 Francs gold coin from Switzerland contains 90% pure gold and weighs in at 6.45 grams. You can sell one of those coins for $399.56. Give this historically important coin a new home and sell it to reDollar.

Sell 10 Dollar Gold Coin

The US $10 gold coin was first minted in 1795 and was in production until 1933. The coin features a variety of designs, including the Liberty Head. This heavy coin weighs 16.72 grams and can be sold for $1035.76 with reDollar.

Sell Australian Coins

Australia minted many valuable gold and silver coins. The best know coin, The Australian Nugget, is just one of many great series. Australian gold and silver coins are very pure and highly collectible.

Sell Panda Gold Coins

Chinese gold panda coins are popular bullion coins minted by the Republic of China. The gold coins are featuring an image of a panda on the reverse which changes frequently. Made of 24 karat gold, Panda coins are very valuable.

Sell Platinum Coins

Platinum coins are relatively rare compared to gold and silver coins but still very popular among collectors. The American Platinum Eagle and the Canadian Platinum Maple Leafe are the best known platinum coins. You can currently sell the one ounce coins for $1002.43.

Sell Silver Quarters

The US silver quarter is a 25 cent coin that was produced by the United States mint between 1932 and 1964. Those coins are made of 90% pure silver and sought after by investors and collectors. One silver quarter coin is currently $8.93 worth.

Sell 50 Pesos Gold Coin

The 50 Pesos gold coin was first minted in 1921 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Mexico’s independence from Spain. 50 Pesos coins are made of 90% pure gold, weighing 41.67 grams what brings the coin’s current value to $2724.76.

Sell 10 Guilders Gold Coin

The Dutch guilder was the currency of the Netherlands from the 17th century till 2002. The guilder was also issued as a gold coin and is appreciated for its historical significance and beauty.

Our coin appraisers are teaming-up to work on your coin collection. They will come-up  with the highest possible purchase offer along with a detailed laboratory report explaining how they came to the offer presented.

reDollar coin appraisers in group discussion

You can sell gold coins, silver coins, platinum coins, and palladium coins. Rest assured, we are dealing with very rare and highly valuable coins on a regular basis. We bring the experience and the equity needed to buy your coins.

Coin appraiser holding a silver coin over reDollar flyer

We are not a next-door pawn shop who doesn’t know how to handle coins. Your merchandise will be handled with cotton clothes if the age or the rarity will require us to do so. We really know coins and will treat them appropriate.

One ounce American Silver Eagle coins in soft tray storage

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