Gold Coins

Gold Coins

Gold coins delight folks from all over the world, any culture and religion. Gold coins are a symbol of wealth, independence and success. In use since thousands of years, gold coins are still a great medium of exchange and just perfect to secure prosperity. The United States is the biggest consumer of gold coins thanks to its well doing middle-class, the demand for financial security and for being the most important superpower. The American people like the idea of owning a piece of gold making them feel independent against financial crises and political decisions.

Thousands of gold coins are changing hands every single day worth millions of dollars. While some people sell others buy and reasons are countless. And there are at least as many good reasons for selling as for buying. It’s a highly interesting topic and reDollar is excited to share some helpful information about gold coins.

Buffalo Gold Coin

The American Buffalo gold coin is one of the most important gold coins besides American Eagle gold coins. The coin’s purity of 99.99% stand for highest quality and perfection. It’s just a perfect coin attracting everyone’s eye.

Current Coin Value: $2373.73

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10 Dollar Gold Coin

The 10 dollar gold coins are always in demand because people don’t only own gold, they also own a piece of American history. Minted between 1838 and 1907 those coins are always worth to collect.

Current Coin Value: $1148.32

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How to sell gold coins?

It’s easy to sell gold coins. You only need to know what you own to get an idea about the gold coins value. Get informed about the current gold price to calculate the amount you can expect to get paid.

Current Coin Value: $2328.58

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Where to sell gold coins?

Selling is not as simple as you probably thing. If you sell your gold coins without knowing their value, loosing money is predicted. Online gold buyers, jewelers and pawn shops usually buy gold coins. Always know your partner.

Current Coin Value: $2328.58

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Krugerrand Gold Coin

The Krugerrand is the South African beauty of bullion gold coins. Highly respected all over the world although the coin’s purity is not .999 gold. Made of 91.67% pure gold and weighing 33.93 grams makes the coin special.

Current Coin Value: $2373.73

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Maple Leaf Gold Coin

Our Canadian neighbors also invented a great gold coin called Maple Leaf displaying a leaf of the maple tree. The coin is all over the world in highest demand and perfect to expand a collection of for securing wealth.

Current Coin Value: $2328.58

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Sovereign Gold Coins

Our British friends can be proud about their Sovereign gold coin. The coins long history and importance trough decades of monarchies makes this coin from special interested for both collectors and investors. You own a piece of British history minted on behalf of the British Crown.

Current Coin Value: $512.42

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Panda Gold Coin

China is usually known for technologies and modern inventions but when it comes to gold coins, Chinese coins are doubtless worth to consider. Just recently the coins weight got modified, the contemporary China Panda gold coins now weigh 30 grams instead of 31.1 grams.

Current Coin Value: $2373.73 & $2289.77

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20 Francs Gold Coin

Switzerland has it’s own “little bullion” coin named 20 Francs what is basically a .900 gold coin weighing only 6.452 grams. The coin was minted 1879 the very first time and is in Switzerland still the most collected gold coin.

Current Coin Value: $443.65

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50 Pesos Gold Coin

The 50 Pesos gold coin belongs to a whole family of Mexican Pesos gold coins. Originally invented to celebrate 100 years of independence, this gold coin is now one of the biggest coins of comparable coins weighing 37.50 grams.

Current Coin Value: $2862.21

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