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Watches are a classic accessory for men and women that often represent a status symbol. The most expensive watches have been created by very reputable brands from Vacheron Constantin to Patek Philippe. Vacheron Constantin is the oldest watchmaker in the world. Founded in 1755, the Swiss watch-brand is known and respected for impeccable craftsmanship and intricate design. The value of a Vacheron Constantin timepiece can range from $25,000 to over $1 million.

Patek Philippe is a also a Swiss watchmaker that was founded in 1851. Patek Philippe is known for highly complicated watches and is considered to be among the most prestigious watchmakers in the world. Patek Philippe watches can cost anywhere from $30,000 to over $5 million.

Rolex is one of the world’s most recognized and best known watch brands. Founded in 1905, Rolex is known for iconic designs and superior engineering. Rolex watches typically range in price from $5,000 to $50,000 with many watches also exceeding $100,000 price tags.

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Our watch experts love to share their knowledge. Below, you find exciting and very educational articles about watches, brands, and history. We invite you to browse trough our articles to get a better understanding about our company and the tremendous passion we have for watches.

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Sell Rolex Watch

Rolex watches are considered by many collectors to be the epitome of all luxury timepieces. Rolex watches have a reputation for precision, reliability, and luxury elegance. Each watch is real asset and many even a store of wealth. You need a strong partner like reDollar when it comes to liquidate a Rolex watch.

Sell Pocket Watches

Pocket watches are not only beautiful timepieces – the are time witnesses and often associated with historical importance. Pocket watches are often reflecting the art, style, and also technology of the time in which they were produced. Some of the world’s most valuable and desired pocket watches were created in the United Stated and are desired by horology enthusiasts.

Sell Watches

Watches are a fascinating timekeeping invention that have been created by horological innovators for centuries. Swiss watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet engineered the first mechanical wristwatch around 1810 for Caroline Bonaparte, Napoleon’s youngest sister. It took another century more to design the first automatic wristwatch.

Sell Cartier Watches

Cartier watches are not just simple timepieces – they are sophisticated pieces of jewelry, crafted with fine materials resulting in gorgeous designs. From the classic Tank or Santos models to more contemporary series like the Ballon Bleu or the Clé collections, Cartier watches are a statement.

How To Sell A Rolex?

Rolex watches are made with the most expensive and exclusive materials and hand-crafted with passion and attention to details. Rolex watches are know and greatly appreciated for their reliable movements which undergo rigorous testing and certification – ever since. Our expert is explaining the easy steps to sell your Rolex.

Sell Breitling Watch

Breitling watches are having a rich history that is dating back to 1884 when Léon Breitling founded the company in the Jura Mountains, Switzerland. Originally Breitling focused on producing high-precision chronographs for industrial applications. Breitling later shifted its focus to design aviation watches and managed to became a favorite watch brand among pilots.

Sell Tag Heuer Watch

TAG Heuer was founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer in Switzerland. Heuer managed quickly to establish a reputation for precision timekeeping. In the 20th century, TAG Heuer became a synonym for motorsports and innovation.  Tag Heuer produced iconic models like the Carrera, Monaco or the Autavia.

Sell Omega Watch

Omega has a long and fascinating history that is dating back to 1848 when Louis Brandt founded the company in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Over the decades, Omega has made many significant contributions to the world of watchmaking. For instance, they created the first chronograph wristwatch and are serving as the official timekeeping company for the Olympic games since 1932.

Cash For Watches

Buying and selling watches requires a deep, fundamental understanding of watch technology, watch history, and watch brands. Appraisers must be very knowledgeable about the benefits of each watch brand, as well as the associated history, heritage, and market demand. When it comes to selling, picking a buyer really comes down to expertise and the financial ability to pay top dollar for top watches.

Online Watch Buyers

Selling a watch online has become increasingly popular in recent times, as more consumers appreciate the convenience and flexibility of handling a selling transaction from the convenience of their home. gained a great reputation of being a trustworthy, honest, and top-dollar paying online watch buyer. Learn more about the process and our great reviews.

Sell Audemars Piguet Watch

Audemars Piguet is a luxury Swiss watch brand, respected for their high-end timepieces that combine traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. The brand’s reputation for creating some of the most intricate and complicated watch movements in the industry is widely known.

Sell Gucci Watch

Gucci watches combine Italian design and Swiss precision. Gucci’s watch collections are featuring a variety of styles, from classic watches to sporty chronographs. Many Gucci watches are featuring the iconic Gucci motif of the interlocking G’s. Give reDollar a consideration when it comes to sell your Gucci watch.

Sell Gold Watches

Solid gold watches are unique because of the very valuable metal used to craft their cases and bracelets. Gold has been prized for thousands of years for its beauty, rarity, and durability. When used to produce watches,  gold is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly resistant to corrosion and wear. reDollar has the knowledge needed to sell your gold watch for top-dollar.

Sell Used Watches

Selling a used watch can be very challenging since most watches only retain little or even no value. However, some watches can be quite valuable, and distinguishing between a valuable and worthless watch can be difficult. Even well-known brands like Tiffany or Breitling are not always a reliable indicator of a watch’s worth. has extensive knowledge of used watches and should be considered for your selling needs.

Sell Breitling Navitimer

The Breitling Navitimer is a legendary pilot’s watch that has been in production since 1952 and became the most iconic timepiece among aviation enthusiasts. All Breitling Navitimer watches are featuring a distinctive slide-rule bezel that allows pilots to perform a range of calculations in-flight, such as fuel consumption, airspeed, and flight time.

Sell Hermes Watch

Hermes began producing watches in the early 1920s and established their watch division, La Montre Hermes, in 1978. Hermes has a rich history of creating exquisite timepieces that combine Swiss precision and accuracy with iconic Hermes designs. Hermes watches have become highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts around the world.

Sell Longines Watch

Longines was already founded in 1832 and has a long history in Switzerland’s watchmaking industry. The brand is associated with precision timekeeping since their early days. Longines watches have a reputation of being elegant and very reliable timepieces that have been favored by adventurers, aviators, and athletes alike.

Sell IWC Watch

IWC Schaffhausen was founded in 1868 and has a long, unique, and distinguished history in the Swiss watchmaking industry. The brand is known for its high-high-end quality engineering and innovative designs. Many IWC watches became iconic models in the horological world, including the Portugieser, the Pilot’s Watch, and the Ingenieur. Almost no other watch brand is more sought-after than IWC.

Sell Rolex Without Papers

It is not necessarily a problem to own a Rolex watch without papers, but it can affect the value and authenticity of the timepiece. The papers for a Rolex watch, which include the warranty card, service history, and other documentation, provide proof of the watch’s authenticity, ownership, and history.

Without the papers, it can be more challenging to verify the watch’s authenticity and to establish its provenance, which may reduce its value.

Sell Vintage Watches

The value of your vintage watch is determined by a combination of factors, including its rarity, age, condition, brand, and historical significance. The current demand among collectors is also an important factor when it comes to appraise a vintage watch. Last but not least, the provenance or previous ownership history can also add to the value of a vintage watch.

Sell Patek Philippe Watch

Patek Philippe was founded in 1839 in Geneva, Switzerland by the Polish watchmaker Antoni Patek and the French watchmaker Adrien Philippe. The company was able to quickly gain a reputation for excellence in watchmaking and for producing some of the most complicated and innovative timepieces. Patek Philippe has remained a family-owned business and their watches are considered to be among the most valuable and sought-after in the world.

Sell Chanel Watch

Chanel introduced watches in 1987, featuring their iconic interlocking CC logo on almost all models. Since then, Chanel watches have become very-much appreciated timepieces, with many different designs and styles.

Sell Michael Kors Watch

Michael Kors released their first watches in the early 2000s, offering a luxurious alternative to traditional watches. Michael Kors was able to quickly gain a reputation for producing quality watches that were made of high-quality materials.

Sell Gold Pocket Watch

Many factors like, metal purity, condition or the rarity have to be considered when it comes to sell a pocket watch. An experienced watch appraiser will carefully review the watch before making an offer.

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