Gold Knowledge

We provide gold knowledge for beginners and even for professionals. Our experts are working hard to provide the very best knowledge about selling, trading and evaluating any kind of gold merchandise. Our team is very excited and motivated to do experimental projects like taking apart pocket watches, cutting coins or melting gold filled merchandise. All gained knowledge is getting published on our website. There is tons of information available for browsing and getting educated. Let us know if you’r missing something in our gold knowledge.

Gold Knowledge

Sell Dental Gold

Most people know that selling dental gold is fruitful. A single tooth can be worth 40, 50, or even 60 dollars. Even one hundred dollar teeth are existing.

white and yellow dental gold lot

Sell Scrap Gold

It’s easy to sell scrap gold but an educated seller is prepared for understanding prices. Understanding the purity of gold is very important.

scrapped gold rings and chains

Get Cash For Gold

Get Cash for Gold – who doesn’t know that advertising? But do also know what matters most if you plan to turn gold into cash? Don’t get fooled!

solid gold chain on hundred dollar bill

Sell Gold

It’s really easy to sell gold but is it also easy to get paid a fair price? Get to know the basics and learn about karat, weight and the price of gold.

2 yellow gold rings and one 14k white gold ring

Where to sell gold?

awn shops, jewelers, auction houses, consignment companies or online gold buyers – they all take your gold. What’s the best option for you?

"PAWN SHOP" in red illuminated neon letters

What is a gold exchange doing?

A gold exchange will exchange gold to dollars. A fair deal is getting paid between 90% and 95% of the current gold price – depending on the item.

gold stock chart example

Sell Pure Gold

Most merchandise made of “pure gold” occurs as a bar, ingot or a coin and is marked 999 or 24K. Pure gold jewelry is really rare but existing.

pure gold jewelry marked 9999

Turn Gold Into Cash

Turn Gold Into Cash – most people immediately associate this term with pawn shops. Get to know other options of selling – better options.

20 dollar bills stacked

Sell Broken Gold Jewelry

The value of broken gold jewelry depends on the current price of gold. Don’t believe a buyer it’s worth less money because it’s broken.

broken gold brooch, a broken class ring, and other jewelry

Online Gold Buyers

An online gold buyer like reDollar is a great way to sell precious metals for the highest possible price. Compare prices before you trust!

logo and advertising of reDollar, the online gold buyer

Places To Sell Gold

Pick the place for selling gold very careful and never without comparing quotes. Ask for the price per gram or pennyweight prior to selling.

2 China Panda gold coins on reDollar selling form

Can I sell my gold crown?

Yes, you can definitely sell your gold crown as it has a decent value. You are the legal owner of your crowns – do NOT leave it with your dentist.

yellow gold crowns

How much is a gram of gold worth?

The value of your gold merchandise is based on the current stock price. A gram of pure gold is worth $78.08, today. Learn more about pricing.

Sell Unwanted Gold

People consider jewelry as unwanted if it’s broken, old-fashioned or mismatched. Usually, no emotions are attached to selling what makes it easier.

little asset collection: gold coin, gold ring, pearl necklace

Dental Gold Buyers

Reliable dental gold buyers evaluate the value of every tooth separately. An XRF machine is required for receiving a price evaluation result.

dental gold with removed teeth in tray

Scrap Gold Value

The value of scrap gold is based on the gold’s purity and weight. Non-precious materials need to be removed for doing an evaluation.

scrap gold rings on a calculator for calculating value

Money For Gold

Money for gold means getting paid for gold merchandise you don’t longer want. This article summarized essential selling options and knowledge.

gold ring on a scale based on cash next to gold necklace

Sell Your Gold For Cash

Sell your gold for cash but make sure you get paid between 90% and 95% of the current material value. Don’t accept anything less than 90%.

gold bar, chains, and gold rings packed in cash for gold package

Gold Buy Back

A gold buy back program is often associated with store credit. Some jewelry stores offer trade-ins but selling for cash is the better option. Don’t loose money.

gold coin and bullion pendants in silver vase

Sell Gold Nuggets

Gold nuggets can be worth more than just the gold price. Purity, size, shape, origin, and weight are forming a nugget’s value. Smaller nuggets go for the gold value.

natural gold nuggets from Alaska, USA

Selling Dental Gold

Selling dental gold can be easy and hassle-free. Knowing the right selling partner is the key for a great selling experience. A high price is what people desire most.

dental gold about to be loaded in an USPS truck

Cash For Gold Teeth

Cash for gold teeth – you may read that already. Some dental practices collect for charity, others have selling partnerships.

gold teeth laying next to cash

Sell Broken Jewelry

Sell broken gold jewelry and get excited about the value hiding in your damaged items. It’s worth more than you may think.

broken rings and jewelry next to a mail box

Sell Melted Gold

Goldsmiths, jewelers and other professionals are melting down their gold. Melted gold is easy to sell with reDollar.

melted gold ingot on 100 dollar bill

Dental Gold Value

The value of dental gold is based on the precious metals used to produce the dentures. We explain common compositions and the associated value.

dental gold laying on dollar bill in packaging

Sell Scrap Jewelry

People consider scrap jewelry as items of lesser value. Watch out, the gold price is high ans scrap jewelry is valuable. A bad appearance doesn’t mean bad value.

scrap gold jewelry, a gold thimble and melted gold

Sell Damaged Jewelry

Ripped chains, rings with damaged stones, scratched brooches or bent pendants – damaged jewelry is easy to sell for a good price. Know how much it’s worth.

a solid broken 14k gold chain

Sell Gold Teeth

Sell the gold teeth you recently got back from your dentist. Don’t dispose of it because the teeth look disgusting. They are worth more than the appear to be worth.

gold teeth in a bag

Cash For Gold Quote

The best way to understand the cash for gold quote is looking up the gold price. Tools like a gold calculator are helpful for calculating the current cash for gold quote.

cash for gold quote screenshot of calculator

Dental Gold Refinery

A dental gold refinery is able to melt-down and homogenize dental metals. Platinum’s high melting point of 6,917°F requires a powerful furnace and special chemicals.

a gold melting process in a refinery

Dental Gold Composition

Dental gold can be made of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Some composition are even compounded of all four metals. A higher budget allows better graded dental gold.

pure gold, copper and fine silver

Sell Precious Metals

Sell precious metals with a partner like reDollar. Transparent pricing and modern equipment are fundamental for getting paid a very high price. Don’t get fooled by local pawn shops.

stacked, melted sterling silver bars

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