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Sell Wedding Rings

A wedding ring is considered a conditional gift allowing its owner to sell it. Most wedding rings are made of 14k or 18k and depending on the weight, a nice value is almost guaranteed.

Sell 18K Gold

18K gold is high graded gold containing 75.0% pure gold, silver and copper. You can sell 18k gold for $51.92 per gram to our company. Learn more about pricing 18k gold.

Sell White Gold

You can sell white gold for the same price as yellow gold. White gold usually contains either palladium or nickel with silver and zinc. You’ll get paid in full for the gold as white gold is solid gold.

Sell Jewelry

It’s easy to sell jewelry but learning more about the value in jewelry is definitely an advantage. Understanding purity, markings and other value building facts is easier than you think.

Sell Gold Bangle

In some cultures a gold bangle is more than a piece of jewelry. It’s an investment an asset and easy to sell if needed. I the US, bangles are usually made of 10k, 14k or 18k.

Sell Gold Jewelry

The United States is rich in gold and no other nation owns more gold jewelry. Hundreds of heritages – every day – are getting people to sell gold jewelry. Learn about the value.

Sell Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is an important asset and very often used for a new start after a divorce. It’s simple to sell an engagement ring but knowing a professional partner is required.

Sell Rings

Gold rings, silver rings, platinum rings, palladium rings, diamond rings, vintage rings, designer rings – it’s endless. Let’s transfer knowledge to sell your rings for a fair price.

Best Way to Sell Jewelry

The best way to sell jewelry is knowing a partner like reDollar. Auctions may be another selling option but high commission fees up to 35% are usually making auctions unattractive.

Sell Earrings

Sell earrings but understand pricing first. While plain gold earrings trade for the gold value, designer earrings or gemstone earrings are more sophisticated to evaluate.

Sell Thai Gold

Gold has a high importance in Thailand. The “bath” is the official currency in Thailand and “Thai Baht Jewelry” is made of 23k gold (=96.5% pure) and great to sell for a high price.

Sell Class Ring

Class rings are mostly made of 10k gold or sterling silver and rarely made of 14k or 18k gold. The value is usually based on the metal, its weight and the current gold price.

Sell College Ring

Sell your college ring to pay for unexpected bills or other expenses. We bought uncountable college rings helping their sellers out with fresh cash. Learn about your college ring.

Sell Bracelets

Bracelets are easy to sell for a really good price if made of solid gold. Learn more about markings to identify your bracelet before you sell. Finding the gold stamp is really easy.

Sell Antique Jewelry

Distinguish between treasure and trash. We are ready to share our knowledge about antique jewelry with our readers. Our own library of jewelry books is very helpful for the research.

Sell Vintage Jewelry

Vintage jewelry may be valuable. You better let an expert check if you own something valuable. is handling whole estates to be searched for valuable vintage jewelry.

Jewelry Buyers

What does it need to be a professional jewelry buyer? How can you identify a trustworthy jewelry buyer and why is gaining some general knowledge precious for a potential selling transaction?

Sell 14k Gold

14 karat gold is probably the most common gold alloy in the US. From wedding bands to jewelry from the early 1900s, 14k gold can be found all over the country. Let’s get into the selling knowledge.

Sell Unwanted Jewelry

Only because you own unwanted jewelry, you shouldn’t care about how much you get paid if selling. Work with an expert to get the most money out of unwanted jewelry.

Jewelry Expert

A jewelry expert should always advice you unbiased and honest even if interested in buying. With reDollar, you have the guarantee to work with an activly buying jewelry expert giving best advice.

How To Sell Jewelry?

What’s your options if you plan on selling jewelry? How can you avoid leaving money on the table and why is knowing a professional buyer more important than you may think?

Sell Antique Gold

You can sell your antique jewelry with knowing that you are dealing with the best selling outlet. We will not only offer the highest possible gold price, no, we will also check the collector’s value.

Sell Used Gold

Sell your used gold with, the only 100% transparent place telling you how much we pay BEFORE you mail in your items. We really pay you what we initially promised to pay.

Jewelry Buy Back

reDollar’s jewelry buy back program is well known. If you own nice, but heavily worn jewelry you don’t want to se being melted down, we are the buyer you want. We refurbish your beloved pieces.

Sell My Gold Ring

You can sell your gold ring to us. AND you can decide if you want to see your ring being scrapped down to get rid of unwanted memories or if you want us to put your ring back on the market.

Sell Platinum Ring

Platinum rings are pretty common. From wedding bands over engagement rings to antique diamond rings, we are the place where you want to sell your platinum. Highest prices, best service guaranteed.

Sell Brooches

Here a brooch, there a brooch, everywhere a brooch but where to go with your brooch to sell? is your brooch buyer: gold, silver, antique, Native American – we buy them all.

Sell Vintage Brooches will buy your vintage brooches. Learn how we handle your selling transaction and what is important when it comes to sell vintage brooches.

Sell Estate Jewelry

Most convenient estate liquidation wanted? Our experts will go trough ALL your items providing you  detailed laboratory report leaving NO questions unanswered. And it is free!

Sell Vintage Bracelets

Treasure or trash? Something looking like trash could be treasure and something looking like treasure could be trash. You better get an expert on your team.

Gold Appraisals

We are appraising your gold based on various factors: purity, weight, scarcity, provenience, and gemstones. Our purchase offer/ laboratory report will explain our breakdown.

Sell Gold Rings

Almost every US household owns at least on gold ring. If you plan to sell your gold ring, our company is the right choice. We offer the best deal for your rings.

Sell Men’s Wedding Band

A Men’s wedding band is usually nice and heavy. For your selling plans, owning a heavy band means getting paid top dollar. The heavier the band, the more valuable it is.

Sell Inherited Jewelry

You are sitting on a jewelry heritage and you don’t know what to do with it? You simply know that you want to get paid the highest possible price? Great, you found the perfect place to sell.

Sell Palladium Jewelry

Palladium, currently the king of precious metals. It is extremely valuable and perfect for selling. A very high payout amount is guaranteed. Check the value with our palladium calculator.

Sell Gold Rings For Cash

Wedding rings, designer rings, diamond rings, class rings, statement rings, cocktail rings, gemstone rings and much more can be easily sold online. Check our amazing rates.

Can I sell my wedding ring?

Are you looking to sell your wedding ring as it no longer holds sentimental value to you?

Sell Gold Necklace

Looking to sell your gold necklace to free up some extra money? We pay the highest price for it!

Easiest Way to Sell Gold & Jewlery

The easiest way to sell gold and jewelry is to use an online gold and jewelry buyer.

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