Fine Jewelry Knowledge: our appraisers love to talk about it!

Let’s talk about fine jewelry. Appraising and researching fine jewelry needs a lot of experience and involves evaluating various value-building factors to determine its value. Factors like the quality of its materials (like precious-metals and gemstones), craftsmanship, brand, designer or rarity.

The first step that our appraisers will take is determining the type of jewelry you are offering. They will also identify the metals, the gemstones, and of course the designer/maker. Based on that knowledge, we are doing an in debt market research to check for the current demand.

Our Fine Jewelry Expert Articles

Sell Fine Jewelry

You have plans to sell fine jewelry but you don’t know how and where to start? We explain how appraising fine jewelry works and how you make a great selling decision.

Sell Gold Bangle

Your gold bangle may be worth much more than you think. You need a buyer being able to understand the value of your bangle if you have plans to sell.

Sell Tiffany Rings

Tiffany & Co. made very valuable rings, medium priced rings, and even pretty affordable rings. For a laymen, telling the difference may be tricky. Learn more before you sell.

Sell Tiffany Jewelry

Tiffany made so many different items that it’s almost impossible to list every type of jewelry they every made. Do some basic research before you sell Tiffany jewelry.

Sell Gold Jewelry

Everyone knowns that gold jewelry can be very valuable. Don’t underestimate your item’s value. Almost everyone can learn to determine the value of gold jewelry – a critical step before you sell.

Sell Engagement Ring

While selling an engagement ring is a sad event for some, for others it may be relieve. Don’t sell your engagement ring too quickly. Picking a trustworthy buyer is worth the extra time needed.

Sell Cartier Jewelry

Cartier – the ultimate master jeweler. You may own a piece made by Cartier and you have an eye on selling it off? You better understand some basic pricing rules before you agree to a deal.

Sell Fine Gold Jewelry

Many people believe that fine gold jewelry was predominantly made by master jewelers like Cartier. You better learn more about this highly interesting topic before you sell your fine gold jewelry.

Best Way To Sell Jewelry

The available selling options, from auctions to consignment, may be overwhelming for you? Let’s help you a bit by discovering the best ways to sell jewelry.

Sell Earrings

The earrings you own may be from significant value and you don’t even know about it. Some folks overestimate while others underestimate the value of their earrings. Learn more before you sell your earrings.

Sell Platinum Jewelry

It’s a widespread believe that if jewelry was made of platinum, it’s probably very valuable. It’s too quickly to generally agree to that but platinum jewelry is worth a closer look before you sell it off.

Sell Thai Gold

Thai gold is generally really valuable. Mostly made of high-graded gold like 21k, 22k, 23k or even 24k, Thai gold can be sold for quiet some money. Learn more before you sell your Thai gold.

Sell Rings

There is a huge value difference between a silver ring and a gold ring. The difference may be even more significant if a rings comes with a nice sized diamond. Learn the basics before you sell rings.

Sell Ruby Jewelry

Many fancy looking rubies may be so called “Verneuil rubbies” – manmade in a laboratory. Natural rubies of fine quality will need an experienced buyer. You can sell ruby jewelry for high prices.

Sell Bracelets

If you own a bracelet made of gold or platinum, selling may be very rewarding. You be advised to know how much your bracelet is worth before you put it on the market.

Jewelry Buyers

Finding a trustworthy jewelry buyer may be not as easy. You should not even trust your family jeweler blindly when it comes to sell a jewelry collection.

Sell Diamond Ring

It’s a big decision to sell a diamond ring. The bigger the diamond, the bigger the decision. How can you find a buyer to sell your diamond ring for a fair price. It’s easier than you would think.

Jewelry Expert

You are looking for a jewelry expert? Before you start searching, you may want to refine your expectations. Some specialize in diamonds, others in gemstones or vintage pieces.

Sell Diamond Earrings

The value of diamond earrings can range from 50 dollars to millions of dollars. We can help you pricing your diamond earrings. Read our helpful article about selling diamond earrings.

Cash For Diamond Rings

You probably searched for “cash for diamond rings” as you have plans to bring your diamond ring to market? We have some precious information ready for you.

Sell Diamond Engagement Ring

It may be a heartbreaking decision to sell your diamond engagement ring and getting paid a fair amount of money should be self-evident. Learn to sell a diamond engagement ring for a high price.

Sell Solitaire Ring

Selling a solitaire ring can be challenging. First because evaluating the ring’s value is tough and second finding a trustworthy buyer is even tougher. is your choice to sell a solitaire ring.

Sell Diamond Necklace

A diamond necklace can be very valuable. You better gain some knowledge before your sell your diamond necklace. Our expert article is helpful to better understand the basics of selling.

Sell Diamond Jewelry

Rings, brooches, bracelets, necklaces, pendants or even watches. Selling diamond jewelry is delicate and you need a knowledgeable and experienced buyer to achieve a satisfying selling experience.

How To Sell Diamonds Online?

Most people know that besides auctions, consignment services and direct buyers are looking to buy diamonds. For GIA certified diamonds, getting an estimate is fairly easy.

How To Sell an Engagement Ring?

Many engagement rings come with a significantly sized diamond. If the diamond quality is unknown, the first step of selling would be gathering knowledge about color, cut, clarity and carat weight.

What is the Best Way to Sell a Diamond Ring?

Of course, everyone’s situation is different but what unifies all sellers is the desire of getting paid a high price. Let’s see what would be the best way to sell your diamond ring.

Sell Certified Diamonds

GIA certified diamonds are very well known in the US. Besides GIA, there are many more very well respected diamond grading laboratories all over the world. Explore your ways to sell a certified diamond.

Sell Cartier Love Bangle

The first step before you sell a Cartier Love bangle is verifying the authenticity. It would be great news if your Love bangle was bought directly from Cartier. Let us help you to sell your Cartier Love bangle.

Sell Platinum Ring

Platinum is a very expansive and desired metal.  If you have plans to sell a platinum ring, understand the evaluation of platinum is very helpful.

Sell Bvlgari Ring

Bvlgari is an Italian jewelry brand and respected for great quality and gorgeous designs. Work with us if you think about selling Bvlgari rings.

Sell David Yurman Jewelry

David Yurman is highly respected for timeless designs and desired by buyers from all over the world. Sell your David Yurman jewelry and take advantage of our high buy back prices.

Sell Gemstone Jewelry

You own jewelry with a beautiful sapphire, a ruby, an aquamarine, or even an alexandrite gemstone? Sell gemstone jewelry with our company – known for our expertise with gemstones.

Sell Old Tiffany Jewelry

We know how to bring old Tiffany jewelry back to shine! You can sell old Tiffany jewelry with us, knowing that we are going to preserve your pretty piece for being sold to a buyer with passion.

Sell Chanel Jewelry

Chanel will always be known and associated with Karl Lagerfeld, no doubt. But Chanel is also known for fine jewelry. If you consider selling Chanel jewelry, contact us to work out a selling-plan.

Sell Bvlgari Jewelry

The Italian jewelry brand Bvlgari is known for fine rings, bracelets, pendants or necklaces. Consider to sell your Bvlgari pieces with our company. We truly offer high prices.

Sell Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry

Everyone knowing Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry, knows about the Alhambra design. We know Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry very well, you may consider to sell your pieces with us.

Sell Tiffany Earrings

Tiffany & Co. – a brand that moved generations since deaceds. Work with us if you plan to sell Tifffany & Co. earrings. We ensure a high offer and a great selling experience.

Sell Cartier Trinity Ring

Cartier made one of the finest jewelry pieces every made. Selling a Cartier Trinity ring will need a strong partner. We have the knowledge and outlet to offer you a great deal.

Sell Tiffany Heart Necklace

You are owning a Tiffany heart necklace? You may think about selling but you don’t know how much you can get? Get in touch with us for a competitive quote.

Sell Tiffany Charms

A Tiffany charm is something very special and valuable. If you plan to sell a tiffany charm, getting in touch with our company is the first step of your successful selling jorney.

Sell Tiffany Brooches

A Tiffany brooch can be a very expensive item. Make sure you know the right buyer if you have plans to sell a Tiffany brooch. We know how much your brooch may be worth.

Sell Tiffany Silver Necklace

A Tiffany silver necklace in good condition can be sold to our company. We pledge to make you a very fair and competitive offer.

Sell Tiffany Bracelet

Tiffany is making bracelets since decades. Our experts know how to evaluate your bracelet if you think about selling. Get in touch with us for an estimate.

Sell Gucci Necklace

Gucci made some very valuable necklaces. We buy both, very valuable Gucci necklaces but also lower priced necklaces. Get in touch with us to sell your Gucci jewelry.

Sell Expensive Jewelry

When it comes to sell expensive jewelry, a careful consideration of the market demand, authenticity, and condition along with picking the right buyer will ensure a fair price and a successful selling transaction.

Sell Vintage Brooches

Vintage brooches can be treasure or trash. Why wouldn’t you want to find out if you can sell your vintage brooches to us. Read more and contact us if you plan to sell.

Sell Estate Jewelry

Estate jewelry is a delicate topic. We know that a group of heirs strive to get the best deal for the jewelry left behind. We buy high-end jewelry every day, for the best possible price.

Sell Vintage Bracelets

Selling a vintage bracelets will need a skilled and well trained jewelry expert. We pay highest prices for your vintage necklace.

Sell Gucci Jewelry

When it comes to sell Gucci jewelry, it’s important to authenticate the item and consider the current market value to ensure a fair price. We can and we will do that.

Sell Gold Rings

Our experts know everything about gold rings. Sell your gold ring with us and benefit from getting paid the highest possible price for your rings,

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