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Alan Jensen, responsible for precious metals

Nina from Portland asked: How much is a gram of silver worth?
Brenda from Boston asked: How much is a silver bar worth?
Logan from Las Vegas asked: How much is silver flatware worth?
Marjorie from Chicago asked: How much is an ounce of silver worth?
Peter from Fort Collins asked: How to calculate scrap gold prices?
George from Rockford asked: How much can I get for my gold?
Elisabeth from Tallahassee asked: How much is dental gold worth?
Amanda from Denver asked: How much is my gold worth?
Katie from San Francisco asked: How much is sterling silver worth?
Julia from San Antonio asked: How much is .925 silver worth?
Diana from Kent asked: How much is a 10k gold ring worth?
Peter from Rockford asked: How much is my silverware worth?

Maria Tait, responsible for jewelry

Brett from Dallas asked: How much is a diamond ring worth?
Helen from Portland asked: What is my diamond jewelry worth?
Allison from El Paso asked: How much is my Bvlgari ring worth?
Kelly from San Francisco asked: How much is an 18k gold necklace worth?
Marcus from Miami asked: How much is an emerald ring worth?
Philipp from Aurora asked: How much is a gold ring worth?
Marcus from Topeka asked: How to sell gold jewelry for cash?
Liz from Philadelphia asked: How much are gold earrings worth?
Samuel from Colorado Springs asked: How much is a ruby ring worth?
Gabriela from Chicago asked: How much is my ring worth?
Joshua from Naperville asked: How much is a gold necklace worth?
Howard from Orlando asked: How much is gold jewelry worth?

Steve Redrich, responsible for watches

Susan from Detroit asked: How much is a Raymond Weil watch worth?
Conrad from Memphis asked: How much is my Rolex worth?
Bradley from Seattle asked: How much is an IWC watch worth?
Frank from Las Vegas asked: How to sell watches?
William from Milwaukee asked: How much is a Breitling watch worth?
Larry from Buffalo asked: How much is an Omega watch worth?
Olivia from Phoenix asked: How much is a Gucci watch worth?

Tamay Rostan, responsible for diamonds and gems

Harry from Columbus asked: How much is a loose diamond worth?
Isaac from New York City asked: How much is a ruby worth?
Donald from Memphis asked: How much is an emerald worth?
Thomas from Portland asked: How much is a yellow diamond worth?

Alex Fordham, responsible for coins, ingots and bars

Alexander from Indianapolis asked: How much is a Krugerrand coin worth, today?
John from Seattle asked: How much is my gold coin worth?
Liam from Bozeman asked: How much is a Krugerrand worth?
David from Buffalo asked: How much is a platinum bar worth?

Brian Miller, responsible for silverware & collectibles

Peter from Des Moines asked: How much is Tiffany silver worth?